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Solutions for unified communication

Central by Multiphone raises your business communications to the next level, helping to increase your business's productivity and improve customer experience.

Our Central offers the opportunity to work with a 100% connection with a virtual PBX from anywhere in the world. Without the need for additional equipment or the help of professionals for installation, you can enjoy all our services from now.

Each user gets their virtual record, with all the data and personalized settings. From the control panel, the administrator will have access to all information and details of each extension.

Why Central by Multiphone?


High-performance, perfect for different types of business.

Cost savings

We break market patterns. Enjoy a free virtual PBX system.

Plans for you

Opportunity to scale our services at the lowest possible cost.

Guaranteed quality

Phone capacity with national and international HD technology.

Connect with your team on a single network

The perfect solution to unlock the potential of business communications

Always carry your corporate phone with you no matter where you are.
Forget geographic barriers for your team.
Enjoy the specific services you need for your office at the lowest price.

Get a business number from the United States and receive calls to your mobile phone.

Keep your team connected from anywhere in the world with our app available on IOS and Android.

Save up to 80% on your bills and ensure the growth of your business.

Manage all the statistics and details of your system and users whenever you need.

Enjoy all our free features

Creation of 5 extensions.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Call transference.

Calls recording.

Voicemail System.

Call waiting if the line is busy.

Music on hold selection.

Missed call notifications.

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Visit our platform and fill in the required information and sign up. Then we will send you an SMS with the validation code to complete the process.

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Select an access level for each one, control your numbers, and reduce the cost of calls. Ready to start?

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With our App, you can make and receive calls from your office phone from your mobile. Connect to your work wherever you are.